Bowman's story of the G.I. spoon

Apr. 11, 2014 @ 01:11 PM

A few years ago, Bowman went back to Plauen, Germany, where he served during World War II. He was part of a convoy that visited towns in order to celebrate the Russians leaving eastern Germany.

“We’d go from town to town to town. People would line the streets. They came out with American flags and smile and wave at us and made us feel like kings. I’ve never had that much attention,” Bowman said.

In one town, the convoy stopped at a park for lunch and were greeted by 500 people. A man approached Bowman and said he wanted to give him something he had found as a boy.

Now at his home, Bowman walked into his country style kitchen. He opened a drawer and pulled out a silver utensil, glinting in the light.

“He pulled this spoon out of his pocket and said, ‘This is a G.I. spoon.’ See the name on it? And he said, ‘I found that when I was a boy. I’ve had it all these years. It’s been in Germany long enough. I want you to take it home.’” Bowman laughed. “I wouldn’t take it for nothing.”