Caldwell County approves money for 1 expansion, 1 new company, 1 prospect

Jun. 04, 2013 @ 08:49 AM

A company that came to Hudson in 2011 is expanding, and a trucking and logistics firm is on the verge of publicly announcing it is moving to Hudson, county officials said Monday night.

Caldwell County also is in the running to land a technology firm now based in Florida that is looking for a new headquarters site, Deborah Murray, executive director of the county Economic Development Commission, told the Caldwell County Board of Commissioners.

Of those three companies, the one that is definite and public is the expansion of Sattler Corp., an Austrian manufacturer that bought the former Shuford Mills plant in 2011. In 2012, Hudson became Sattler's North American headquarters, and Murray said the company has seen strong growth. The expansion is expected to produce 20 new jobs in the next year, at an average wage of about $30,000. The site currently employs 76.

A company that is moving to Hudson, but didn't want its name announced yet, was "in the last minutes, literally, of finalizing a contract for property in Hudson," Murray told the commissioners. "We thought we would be able to announce tonight," but company officials wanted to hold off a public announcement until after employees had been told of the move, she said.

The company would bring up to 40 existing employees and 17 projected new jobs from expansion by September 2014, with an average annual wage of $42,000, she said.

Murray said the trucking company, which she referred to only as Project Eighteen, currently already operates in the region but is looking for a larger site. A document provided to the commissioners said the company has a long history of transportation management. The company is expected to invest $2 million at its new location, Murray said.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the three projects Murray came to discuss was the Florida company looking for a new headquarters site. The company, which specializes in repurposing commercial and consumer electronic products, has narrowed its search to a few sites, Murray said.

That firm, which Murray referred to as Project Highwire, will bring an estimated 120 jobs over three yeaers to its new site with an average wage of $31,000. It also would invest about $500,000 in its launch here.

The commissioners unanimously approved the jobs incentives Murray proposed for the three companies, which were $2,000 for each job brought to Caldwell, including existing employees who are moved here. That's $40,000 for Sattler, $114,000 for Project Eighteen, and $240,000 for Project Highwire. The commissioners also approved supporting the Florida company's application for state grants that would add to its incentives package.

Murray said that the plans announced so far for new companies or expansions in Caldwell County are projected to eventually create 260 jobs, $9.5 million a year in wages, and $618.4 million in investment.