Erosion caused evacuation at Kincaid’s Hudson plant

Aug. 20, 2013 @ 06:04 AM

Kincaid Furniture’s plant in Hudson was evacuated Thursday after workers noticed a depression in the floor of the plant.

An apparent problem with drainage pipes caused erosion of the earth underneath the floor in one corner of a workroom at the plant, said Kathy Liebmann, director of investor relations and corporate communications at La-Z-Boy. She said the erosion “is not a sinkhole.”

Employees noticed the depression in the floor, alerted company officials, and the plant was immediately evacuated.

It remained closed Friday while Kincaid brought in engineers and a construction team to evaluate the damage. They have since secured the area with temporary support beams, and there are plans to repair it, Liebman said.

Workers returned to the plant Monday. The incident has not put production behind, Liebman said.