West Caldwell students' European Adventure, Day One

Marking one off the 'bucket list'
Jun. 25, 2013 @ 09:30 PM

Editor's note: Josh Smith, an English teacher at West Caldwell High School, is taking a small group of students on a trip to Europe (England, France, and Spain) this summer. While they're overseas, those students are serving as our European correspondents, serving up (lightly edited) dispatches from abroad on the people they meet, the food they're eating and the lessons they're learning. The first one comes from sophomore Jordan Edmisten.

My name is Jordan Edmisten, and I'm a sophomore at West Caldwell. I signed up for the Europe trip because I have always wanted to travel, so when the opportunity arose I jumped at it.

Today, we started out with a continental breakfast, and then we took the tube to the Tower of London. At the Tower of London, we all split up and did our own thing to tour around and grab lunch. After lunch, we met and got onto a tour bus to take a guided sightseeing tour around London.

Some of the things we saw were the Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace, and Parliament. After the tour, we had free time around Big Ben to shop and take pictures. After that, our group split up, half of us going to the London Eye and half going shopping. I went to the London Eye. It was breathtaking being so far above London! We saw everything, literally.

The best part of my day was seeing Big Ben; it's always been on my Bucket List. That's why I chose to include a picture of it.

The most interesting person I saw today was a man dressed up in old-fashioned clothes working in the Tower of London. When we said we were from America he said, 'Oh, we love America. We want them back!' and it was really funny.

I didn't see anything here that would be in Caldwell County, unless you count Subway and McDonald's! Everything was a new experience. I learned how to navigate on my own on the tube, or the underground, as well. I'm very proud of myself. So far I'm in love with London and can't wait for Paris and Barcelona.