Event celebrates students’ innovations

May. 09, 2014 @ 12:25 PM

Robots, Eggbots, tie-dye T-shirts, a display on taste preferences in rats and various other projects decorated the American Legion Post 93 in downtown Lenoir on Thursday for the 2014 Showcase of Student Success Luncheon.

Groups of students from 10 schools showed off their projects or business plans to community members and the Caldwell County Board of Education. Groups presenting business plans received awards. Every project and business plan involved hands-on learning and many involved STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning.

The students shared their excitement and trials while working on their projects.

Career Center Middle College student Makayla Hamby said that her project in the Biomedical Academy — studying whether athletes should drink water or sports drinks while performing physical activities — changed her desired career path because it made such an impact.

Destiny Brooks from Hibriten High School said working in a group and getting everyone to participate was a challenge for the “Wash’er Your Neck Inc.” business plan. The business, turning washers into necklaces, received Best School-Based Enterprise Project.

Nathan Whitt, also from the Middle College, was part of the Engineering Academy and was part of a team that created a door that people could open without their hands. Whitt said the group, including George Hickein and Nelson Jackson, plan to continue modifying the project so that it can also accommodate wheelchairs and will apply for a patent.

Laci McMinn and Kaitlynn Medina from Gamewell Middle School took home Best Marketing Plan Design for their business plan, “Be Brave, Be a Warrior,” to sell lanyards promoting school spirit. Taylore Crump, Jesse Connor, Morgan Hice and Heather Link received Best School-Based Enterprise Project for “Once Upon a Tee,” creating tie-dye T-shirts to raise money for children’s books for the library at The Wig Bank. Hudson Middle School students Brandon Robins and Chloe Powell received Best Business Presentation for “Taste of CIS,” which involved creating a cookbook with family recipes. Seth Stout, Kent Taylor, Michael Mann and Brady McCormick from William Lenoir Middle School won Best Enterprise Idea Presentation for the “HotStop Cart” plan, which described a solar- and wind-powered car. South Caldwell High School’s Chelsey Elmore, Malea Ervin and J.C. Bryland took home Best School-Based Enterprise Presentation for “Cross the Loom,” selling bracelets with different color themes that support several organizations such as the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, the high school and favorite sports teams. West Caldwell High School student Patrick Brown received the first ever Best Financial Presentation by a Student award for his work with the “Paws and Tails Rescue” plan, alongside Kayleigh Watson and April Matthews, which helped five stray pets find new homes.