Hibriten sees off 47th graduating class

May. 25, 2013 @ 01:42 AM

Hibriten High School’s graduating class of 2013 crowded into the school’s gymnasium Friday night, surrounded by their parents, family and friends.

The surroundings were as typical of an American high school as it gets. Guests sat in bleachers and folding chairs. Waxed-and-buffed wooden floors gleamed (and squeaked a little, too). Programs were printed on the front with the school’s seal, and on the back with its alma mater.

This was the building where students had spent so many of the little, everyday moments that – while you’re not even looking – make up an education, a diploma and a chance at something new.

In this building where their education happened, these 200-some students were celebrating a banner year.

Hibriten’s class of 2013 received $2.74 million in scholarship dollars. The school’s dropout rate dropped by 35 percent. The cohort graduation rate was the highest in the school’s history, and the third-highest in the history of Caldwell County’s three traditional high schools.

Students were honored with everything from perfect attendance awards to a full scholarship at West Point.

On Friday, some soon-to-be graduates wore caps painted with the names of their future universities. Others had decided to give their post-graduate years to their country, and stood to be recognized for their enlistments in the armed forces.

Here in this room where they got their start, there was so much more ahead.