Restrooms back on track for Sawmills' Veterans Park

Mar. 14, 2014 @ 07:37 AM

After about a year of discussion, the Sawmills Town Council has made a tentative decision to add restrooms in Veterans Park.

At the town’s budget workshop Thursday night, Town Administrator Seth Eckard and council members looked at a pre-fabricated design with a total cost of $99,165.20. The restrooms would have separate stalls for men and women and two water fountains on the front of the building. In an informal poll of the council, all members said they were in favor of it, although it will not be official unless it’s in the town’s 2014-15 budget when it is passed.

The possibility of new restrooms has been an issue since the 2013-14 budget season. Currently, the park has restrooms a quarter of a mile from the park’s central areas, which have portable toilets instead. In several town meetings over the past year, some town residents have asked for central restrooms that are better suited for elderly and handicapped people.

Public Works Director Ronnie Coffey said he did not have an estimate of how long the project would take to complete but said he hoped work could begin immediately after the town’s budget is approved in June.

“I’ve been a big pusher for staying with the style we had because they work so well, they age very well. But, this looks like a good possibility and a cheaper alternative,” Coffey said.

The Sawmills Town Council will next meet Tuesday. There will be two public hearings, one of which will be about an application for Community Development Block Grant funding.