Graffiti sprayed on building, street signs

'Some of those young hoodlums on the streets'
Mar. 18, 2014 @ 08:19 AM

Jerlene Michaux is trying to sell the old storage building she and her brother Durant Lipford own. But someoe with blue and black spray paint decided to use the side of the structure on Finley Avenue as an artist's canvas.

"I figure it's some of those young hoodlums on the streets," Michaux, 79, said.

The graffiti artist also hit several stop signs along Finley Avenue, said Lenoir Police Capt. Couby Stilwell.

Michaux first noticed the graffiti as she drove to the post office Thursday. The next day, the police began investigating. Damage to the building is estimated at $150, and $300 to four street signs.

Michaux said a neighbor's house nearby also was hit by the spray-paint artist. She said her building was defaced once before, but doesn't know who is responsible.

The building has been vacant for years, and was used for storage, Michaux said. She thought about tearing it down until a potential buyer came along. She hopes the building, which she says is not in perfect condition, will be sold. But the spray-paint art is not helping.

"It would look better if it was gone," she said.