Race cars soar at Speed Camp

Aug. 18, 2014 @ 01:47 PM

Boys ran alongside a blue toy racetrack set up in the back of a classroom at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, cheering and whooping boisterously as their homemade wooden cars barreled down the track.

Seth Haigler, 10, scooped up his car at the finished line, yelling with delight. The other boys were not as happy.

“I came back,” Seth shouted. “My car came back. I’m not cheating. It’s called strategy.”

The boys took part in Speed Camp last week, learning about aerodynamics, seeing movies about cars, and building space shuttles, tanks, paper airplanes, airplanes and race cars, instructor Jesse Beane said. The camp was part of the college’s Extreme Super Summer Camp series for elementary and middle school children.

Seth said he first attended a Speed Camp two years ago.

“I like it a lot,” Seth said. When asked about his favorite part, he pointed to the racetrack. “This right here.”

Zach Caldwell, 8, said he enjoyed building the different modes of transportation.

“(The camp) was awesome because you get to make your cars your own way,” he said.

Zach colored his wooden car black and blue, but it was not because he loved the Carolina Panthers.

“I just like the colors,” he said.