New principal believes in importance of arts

Aug. 18, 2014 @ 01:52 PM

This story was written by Haley Watson, 15, who won first place in the News-Topic’s “Journalist for a Day” essay contest.

Faculty and students at West Lenoir Elementary School are excited to gain a new principal, Amy Lowman.

On Thursday night, faculty and staff welcomed students and parents to an outdoor treat of ice cream and free books for the children. It was a comfortable temperature to enjoy mingling with West Lenoir Elementary members, parents and students.

Lowman previously worked as an assistant principal at Granite Falls

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Elementary School, South Caldwell High School and Granite Falls Middle School. She currently lives in Sawmills. Lowman has two sons. Kelly attends South Caldwell High School and is a goalie on the varsity soccer team. Julian is a rising seventh-grader at Granite Falls Middle School.

Lowman said she strives to integrate arts into the curriculum. Lowman believes inviting musicians and having school plays may spark an interest in art for students. In fact, she has already secured a piano, donated by St. Stephen’s Luthern Church in Lenoir.

“I think it’s so important because art is so much of our lives. Children have different styles of learning, and art is an excellent way to learn,” Lowman said.

Teachers showed support for Lowman becoming the new principal.

Kelly Beavers, a kindergarten teacher at West Lenoir, said, “We are looking forward to an exciting year here at West Lenoir. She will be a great addition to our school because of her enthusiasm, her desire to be here for the kids, and she enjoys interacting with the children. ”

Chad Coffey, a first-grade teacher assistant, said, “It’s an exciting change for a school that deserves a very compassionate person. She seems very compassionate about what she does.”

The children, however, are looking forward to returning to school. Salem, an upcoming third-grader, is eager for his first day back at school.

“I’m ready to go back to school and play a bunch,” Salem said.