Donna Harris of Hudson accused of killing husband

Apr. 23, 2014 @ 08:18 AM

Shirley Hobson was visiting her friend Robin Worman at her Forest Village apartment on Kristen Lane in Hudson around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday when a man pounded on the door and yelled for help.

“I’ve been stabbed! Call 911!” the man yelled.

Hobson opened the door to find the bloody mess that Danny Harris, 58, who lived in the building next door, had become. Blood poured from wounds in his torso and one hand.

Tony Stout, Worman’s fiance, who was outside during the commotion, said Harris said he was stabbed by his wife, Donna Harris, 54.

Caldwell County EMS whisked Harris away in an ambulance. Hudson police reported early Wednesday that Harris died of his injuries.

As the ambulance carried Harris away, two Hudson police officers stood outside the locked door of the Harrises’ apartment while a detective went to get a search warrant so officers could force their way in.

Around 3:30 p.m., Detective Richard Blevins returned with the warrant, strapped on a bulletproof vest and banged on the Harrises’ door. Twice he yelled, “Donna Harris, open the door, I have a warrant to search the premises. Please come to the door or we will make forced entry.”

With his right leg, Blevins kicked the door seven times before it finally gave way and officers with guns and Tasers drawn rushed past Blevins, yelling, “Get your hands up! Get your hands up!”

Moments later, officers brought Donna Harris out in handcuffs took her to a waiting police car. She was charged late Tuesday with murder.

Apartment manager Robert Fueston, using a stiff broom and some detergent, scrubbed at the bloodstains on the sidewalk outside Worman’s apartment. He said the Harrises moved in last July and feuded constantly.

“Police are always here because of those two,” Fueston said. “One of the two is always going to jail or a hospital, and I’m sick of it. We have kids here, they don’t need to be seeing this stuff.”