Car overturns on 321, but no passengers are injured

Jun. 03, 2013 @ 05:07 PM

A beige Toyota SUV rolled at least once, possibly twice, on U.S. 321 near Patterson Monday morning – and none of the six people inside were hurt.

A white Ford SUV was crossing 321 from west to east near the Patterson Fire Department around 8:30 a.m., Highway Patrol trooper Todd Hodges said. The driver didn’t see the Toyota traveling northbound on 321, and the front of his SUV caught the left rear of the other, Hodges said.

That caused the Toyota to flip at least once, Hodges said. Troopers aren’t yet sure whether the SUV flipped more than once.

That gave the SUV a crumpled look all over. But no one – including the two adults and four children in the Toyota, and the one adult and one child in the Ford – was hurt.

EMS and other first responders checked for injuries and found nothing serious, Hodges said. None of the eight people involved in the collision were transported to a medical facility, he said.

That’s not common in a crash violent enough to turn over a vehicle, Hodges said. Usually when a car rolls over, at least a few injuries will result – even if it’s just bumps, bruises and abrasions, he said.

Hodges said he attributes the lack of injuries to the fact that everyone was properly restrained in seatbelts and child restraints, and to the durability of the Toyota SUV.

“It’s not very common,” he said. “Usually when one rolls over in such a manner, there’s some type of injury involved.”