Early College class ‘magical’

May. 19, 2014 @ 01:02 PM

The strong bonds of friendship between among the 69 members of the fourth graduating class of the Caldwell Early College High School make Chloe Greene believe in magic.

“That fate picked each of us out of hundreds of other Early College applicants to be part of each other’s lives is magic,” Greene said. “For us to be randomly selected and molded into a loving family is magic. And now the magic that is family, the magic that is us, is now our bridge to the future, and as fate would have it, we are walking toward our future together.”

Graduate Ashley Laws said she and her peers are ready for their next steps in life, thanks to their education from the Early College.

“Tonight, a chapter in our life closes, but a blank page waits to be penned,” Laws said. “Just like a well-penned novel, we don’t forget the events in a chapter when it comes to an end, but we eagerly watch to see how these events shape the rest of the book. While this chapter comes to a close, we will still have the memories that will forever be etched on the pages. Not only will we remember the Early College as a whole, but we will also remember all the bits and pieces that make up the Early College experience.”

This year’s class collectively earned more than 4,300 college credits, an average of 62 credits per student. Seventy-four percent were first-generation college graduates. Nine graduated with both their associate’s in arts and associate’s in science degrees.

 “We are each other’s bridge to the future,” Greene said. “That bridge has been previously under construction, being built in part by each of us. It is now ready to allow us passage, extending this journey we’ve begun together. Tonight, we take our first step on this bridge to our futures, and I am proud to take that step beside my brothers and sisters.”