Woman 'took part' in shooting, documents say

But only her mother is charged for now
Jan. 01, 2014 @ 10:43 AM

A daughter of the woman accused of shooting Dylan Joseph Short "took part in assaulting" him, according to search warrant documents returned to the Caldwell Clerk of Court's office, but she has not been arrested.

The daughter, Sarah LeAnn Austin, 20, is the mother of Short's 1-year-old son, Carson.

Nancy Benge Austin, 57, is charged with murder and was being held Tuesday in the Caldwell County jail without bond allowed.

The search warrant documents did not say what Sarah Austin did at the time Short was shot. The investigation is ongoing, and the case will be turned over to the district attorney's office to determine whether any more charges should be filed, Lt. Aaron Barlowe of the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office said.

Short, 20, was gunned down shortly before 4:30 p.m. Dec. 26 at Nancy Austin's mobile home, about 70 yards past the paved stretch of Tara Place in Whitnel. Deputies arrived to find Short's body in the driveway.

The search warrant documents said Short was shot in the head.

The relationship between Short and Sarah Austin was contentious. In August 2012, Sarah Austin filed to get a protection order, alleging Short tackled her to the ground while she was pregnant, held a knife to her and threatened to kill himself. A judge later dismissed her request. The two ended their relationship about a year ago, and Sarah Austin was granted sole custody of Carson on March 18. Short complained to friends that he was being prevented from seeing his son, and Nancy Austin told others she didn't like how Short treated her daughter.

Short also became involved in late 2012 with Lexx Leigh Goble, and on May 17 the two were married in Catawba County. But they also hit a rough patch, and Goble moved out of their mobile home in Hudson about two months ago. Goble, 18, gave birth a month ago to Short's second child, Kane.

The documents from the search warrants, which were served Monday and Tuesday, show that investigators retrieved cellphones belonging to Nancy Austin, Sarah Austin and Short, and searched several vehicles at Austin's mobile home: Short's red Chevrolet Cobalt, a maroon Ford F-150, a black Volkswagon Jetta, a red Chevrolet Aveo, and a blue Ford Focus.

The documents also indicate that investigators are looking at Short's Facebook account, various e-mail accounts and cellphone records for communication that might be related to the tensions between Short and the Austins.