Website says you don't want to be in N.C. today

Jul. 04, 2014 @ 07:39 AM

If you are reading this at home on July 4, you apparently are not going to have that much fun today, if the website WalletHub is to be believed.

WalletHub, a site that aims to help consumers save money in various ways, put out rankings last week dividing the top 100 metropolitan areas in the country between the “best and worst cities for July 4th celebrations.”

No, Lenoir was not on the list in either category, but every city in North Carolina that was listed was among the very worst cities to be in today: Durham ranked dead last; Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte also were in the bottom seven; and Raleigh tied for 28th-worst out of 50.

Clearly, WalletHub thinks North Carolina is not the place to be this Fourth.

A lot of it is a weather issue. As of June 23, when the rankings were created, the forecast for today looked pretty wet all over the state. Durham’s forecast was deemed worse than every other metropolitan area in the country except Nashville, Tenn.

But that illustrates the difficulty of using a long-range weather forecast as a major factor in any kind of ranking. No one counted on a hurricane scraping the coast, which has altered the forecast -- for the better in the west, though not the east. In Charlotte, for instance, it's now supposed to be sunny with a moderate-for-summer high of 88 today, but a bit windy. Here in Caldwell County, sunny and a downright pleasant 83, also windy.

And the place that WalletHub said should be the very best place to be today? Richmond, Va., which got its best scores in entertainment and food options, followed by attractions, recreation and outdoor activities.

Unfortunately for anyone who followed WalletHub's advice, the National Weather Service says that Hurricane Arthur is going to make Richmond a wet, stormy place this morning, and though the day will get sunnier as it goes along, the humidity will be terrible.

So much for those predictions.