4-H goes crazy making cobbler

Jul. 12, 2014 @ 04:37 AM

Celia Chimento, 8, chopped a stick of butter into uneven slices in a baking sheet, which was put in the oven for the butter to melt. In a separate bowl, she carefully stirred together flour, sugar and milk alongside her 4-H Club friends on Friday. Chimento tried whisking the mixture and abruptly leaned back as the liquid sloshed against the sides of the bowl.

She and 10 other children were busy Friday making blackberry cobbler to be part of the cobbler patchwork at the North Carolina Blackberry Festival. 

“They (blackberries) are good,” Celia said. “I also like the color because it’s a cool color.”

Dana Snyder, a parent and volunteer, brought out the melted butter and set the pans by each child. Her daughter, 10-year-old Emma Snyder, walked along the table, giving others encouragement and helping them squish the floury lumps in their batter.

“When’s lunch?” Celia asked. “This is making me hungry!”

After all the lumps were squashed, the kids poured the batter into the pan of melted butter. Celia cracked her knuckles before daring to pour. Still, with all her preparation, her batter dribbled over the side of the bowl onto her tie-dye shirt and jean shorts. Then, the children were allowed to open the cartons of fat, juicy blackberries to stick into their cobbler. Morana Deal, 10, made a smiley face inside a picture frame for her cobbler, but soon it became a completely unidentifiable pattern.

“I’m just putting blackberries everywhere,” Morana said. “You can kind of see a three-eyeballed thing.”

Her pan already overflowing with berries, Celia said, “I’m making my masterpiece of black!”

Others could not resist the plump blackberries and popped every other one in their mouths instead of the cobbler. Hope Rieffell, 11, had her mouth so full, you could not understand what she was saying.

“Don’t make her laugh,” Celia warned. “It’ll come out her nose!”