Lenoir awards bid for greenway sewer line replacement

Jul. 16, 2014 @ 08:58 AM

Lenoir officials have taken the first step in fixing a persistent sewer problem along the Lenoir Greenway, formally awarding a contract worth nearly $500,000 Tuesday night for the replacement of roughly 5,400 feet of outdated sewer line.

The current 12-inch, terra cotta pipe was installed about the mid-1960s, said Radford Thomas, Lenoir’s public works director.

The section of pipe to be replaced starts where Powell Road intersects the greenway, running along the greenway downstream toward U.S. 321.

The pipe has deteriorated through the years, and some even slopes uphill, backing up flow, Thomas said. Last year, especially during heavy summer rains, the pipe overflowed several times.

“It’s just time to fix the whole problem rather than treat the symptoms,” Thomas said.

The Lenoir City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to award the contract to Max Prestwood Water and Sewer Inc. of Lenoir, which bid $488,040.

The city will pay for the repairs with a no-interest loan of roughly $585,000 from the North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure will pay for the work. Under the terms of the loan, the city has to pay back only half of it.

Work is tentatively scheduled to begin about mid-August and last about five months, Thomas said.

“It’s a very needed project, and we know we have a lot of folks that use the greenway over there,” Thomas said, adding that he hopes they can pardon the city’s progress, as the project could get a little messy.