Man found living in someone else's RV

Feb. 18, 2014 @ 08:21 AM

A handyman doing work for a Caldwell County sheriff's deputy is accused of breaking into the deputy's RV at Green Mountain Park Resort on Dimmette Road east of Lenoir.

The RV is owned by Deputy Laura Livingston and her husband, Gregory Dale Livington. The Livingstons' teenage son went to the RV Saturday around 8 p.m. and saw that two people were inside it, Lenoir Police Capt. Couby Stilwell said. He called Gregory Livingston, who then called the police, but by the time officers arrived the RV was empty.

At noon on Sunday, Gregory Livingston and his son went back to the RV and asked for police officers to meet them. When they arrived, they found Marvin William Glenn, 38, of Sugar Grove inside, Stilwell said. Glenn, who had been doing work for the Livingstons, apparently had a key and had been staying there for a while, Stilwell said.

Missing from the RV were a lockbox, its contents and a flat-screen TV.

Glenn was charged with breaking and entering, injury to personal property and possession of stolen property. His bond was set at $10,000 secured.