Dog that killed toddler is killed

May. 09, 2014 @ 08:27 AM

A Rottweiler that mauled 16-month-old Nyhiem King Tayo Wilfong on Sunday was put to death Tuesday afternoon by Caldwell County Animal Control.

Greg Greene, director of animal control, said the dog, Kobe, was deemed dangerous and would have to have been kenneled for the rest of its life if returned to its owner. The dog's owner, Ervin Patterson, was Nyhiem's grandfather.

Greene said Patterson told him that because of the circumstances surrounding the boy's death, and because it wouldn't be fair to the dog to keep it kenneled for the rest of its life, he wanted it euthanized.

The 120-pound Rottweiler was chained to a post outside Patterson's home in Kings Creek. Exactly what happened isn't known, but while playing outside Nyhiem got close to the dog, which grabbed him by the head in its jaws. Patterson and the child's great-grandmother, Shirley Patterson, were inside the house during the attack.