Schools break record for Robin’s Nest fundraiser

May. 09, 2014 @ 12:35 PM

The Caldwell County Schools broke their record of raising funds for children’s advocacy group Robin’s Nest by collecting $18,568.95 this year.

Students from all 26 Caldwell County schools collected change for Robin’s Nest, which will go to pay for counseling for abused children. Superintendent Steve Stone, who is also the treasurer for the Robin’s Nest board of directors, said that counseling is an important step in the process because it brings the child back to themselves.

“They hear about a different path. Abuse breeds abuse. What we really want to do is break that cycle, and the most important piece of that is the counseling piece to break that cycle,” Stone said.

Kathy Carroll, chair of the board of directors for Robin’s Nest, said that this fundraiser is more than pulling together pennies, nickels and quarters. It is also teaches children to help support their peers “who are in a darker spot.”

“By doing this project for Robin’s Nest, you’re going to have some children who have been locked up behind severe abuse. You’re going to allow them to emerge to blossom, to get the therapy that they need, to get the medical evaluation and follow-up that they need, to get the advocacy in the legal system that they need,” Carroll said.

Schools that raised over $1,000 received recognition certificates: Collettsville School, King’s Creek School, Davenport A+ School, Dudley Shoals Elementary School, Granite Falls Elementary School, Hudson Elementary School, Sawmills Elementary School and Whitnel Elementary School.

South Caldwell High School raised the most among the high schools, $767. Granite Falls Middle School collected the most among the middle schools, $821.05. Whitnel Elementary School collected the most among the elementary schools, $1,567.91.