CCC&TI Foundation exceeds goal for fund drive

May. 22, 2013 @ 06:48 AM

When people talk about the CCC&TI Foundation, they talk about people they’ve never met.

Foundation members just wrapped up their annual fund drive, exceeding their goal of $314,000 in just over two months.

“I am thrilled to tell you today, and I am pleased and I am relieved to tell you, that we have reached our destination – and we have, in fact, gone beyond it,” said Peg Broyhill, chair of the foundation’s board of directors, at a celebration on Tuesday.

But Broyhill – and more than 140 people involved in the drive – don’t yet know who that money will help.

“You do not know, and there’s a probability you will never meet, the people you are helping,” CCC&TI president Ken Boham said on Tuesday. “Those people, there’s a probability, will not meet you. You don’t know them. They don’t know you.”

Those now-invisible faces are all students (or future students) at CCC&TI. Money raised through the foundation’s annual fund drive provides money for scholarships and a host of other student support – including child care, academic support and mentoring, student counseling and a student emergency fund.

When people talk about the fund drive, they talk about the things those students will do – the dreams they’ll realize and the goals they’ll accomplish, with a little help.

“The significance of today is not in our accomplishments, and it’s certainly not in a dollar amount,” board vice-chair Deborah Murray said. “It’s in what is yet to come.”

The 2013 drive also saw the creation of four new endowed scholarships: the Dr. Ken and Betty Boham Scholarship, a scholarship for a Granite Falls Middle School student from the Granite Falls High School Class of 1963, the Tony Pope Memorial Scholarship – from the Catawba Valley Traffic Club for a truck-driver training student, and the Linda C. Waters Arts Fund.

When people talk about the CCC&TI Foundation, there’s a story they tell.

It’s a story you might have heard before, the story of a man on a beach at dawn, tossing starfish after starfish back into the sea. Another man asks him why he’s trying so hard, tells him there are thousands of starfish on the beach and most will dry up and die, that he can’t make a difference to all of them.

And the man smiles – this is the punch line of the story – the man smiles and throws a starfish, and he says, “It made a difference for that one.”

Members of the CCC&TI Foundation are still out raising money, even though they’ve passed their 2013 fund-drive goal.

When they talk about their efforts and their prospects and all the funds that might still be raised, they don’t know yet who those funds will help.

But they know it will make a difference to them.

One at a time.