Woman sentenced for all the stuff she said she didn't have

Illegal U turn ended in drug charges
Dec. 10, 2013 @ 08:18 AM

When stopped by police in August, three times she denied having anything illegal in her car. After each denial, police found something.

And on Monday, Lisa Wentworth, 43, pleaded guilty to felony possession with intent to sell or deliver meth, possession of a concealed weapon, and possession of a controlled substance in the Caldwell County jail. Charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance were dismissed in exchange for her guilty plea.

Lenoir police pulled Wentworth over about 11:30 p.m. Aug. 19 after they saw her burgundy Ford Mustang perform a U-turn on Blowing Rock Boulevard at Sunset Street. The license plate was registered to a Honda  Civic, and Wentworth was issued a citation for displaying a fictitous tag. The officer then asked her if there was anything illegal in the car, to which she replied no, Assistant District Attorney Dawn Tutterow said in court. But Wentworth then admitted having a handgun, an Inter Arms .38-caliber revolver, in the console, which made it a concealed weapon. The officer then asked if there was anything else police needed to know about. Again, she answered no. But after she reached her hand into her left pants pocket, officers discovered a baggie of white crystals identified later as methamphetamine.

A passenger in Wentworth's car, Roger Dale Fraklin Sr., told another officer he had to urinate, and an officer walked with him into the woods. As Franklin crossed a ditch, he pretended to stumble so he could try to toss 13 small packs of marijuana into the woods, Tutterow said. Franklin was charged with felony maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, possession with intent to make, sell or deliver meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

At the jail about 2 a.m., deputies were looking through Wentworth's black pocketbook and asked Wentworth if there was anything illegal in her possession, and she said no. But when they pulled out her glasses case, they found a bag of meth in side. She began to cry, Tutterow said, and said she didn't know it was in there.

Wentworth was given a suspended sentence of 2 years in prison. She was also fined $500, ordered to pay $950 in jail fees and $600 in attorney fees, and was ordered to stay away from Franklin.