Cloudy 'Fun in the Sun' still a success

Jun. 25, 2014 @ 06:48 AM

Young school children raced between the craft booths along the sidewalk at the Granite Falls branch of the Caldwell County Public Library under dark, foreboding clouds at Tuesday's "Fun in the Sun" event.

Terri Perkins, youth services assistant for Caldwell County Library, looked up at the clouds from the bubble wand craft table.

“Not too much sun right now, but we’ll do fun in the clouds,” Perkins joked.

The event, sponsored by Friends of the Library, was part of this year’s Children’s Summer Reading Program, with the theme of “Fizz Boom Read.” While there was not any fizzing or booming taking place, there were lots of arts and crafts for the kids. A group of siblings gathered around the kite-making table, taking old newspapers and taping them to two sticks. Kaitlyn Rader, 8, worked at the bubble wand table, picking out colorful beads to string on her pink pipe cleaner bubble wand.

“My favorite color is pink,” Rader said, sporting a pink shirt to match her fuzzy wand.

Rader said that she loved to play with bubbles because she enjoyed popping them. Rader had a fish painted on the left cheek, and she grinned shyly when she explained that her grandfather was a fisherman.

Emily Hall, 9, sat patiently at the face painting table. She had picked out a gray kitty with a collar to have on her cheek.

“It looks cute,” Hall said.

Other choices included Spiderman, the Batman symbol, butterflies, ladybugs and a brown puppy.

Even with all the crafts, everyone talked about their love of reading. Hall said that she possessed a great passion for reading as her father nodded behind her.

“I already finished the Harry Potter series when I was 8,” Hall said.

Rader said her favorite books were from the series “Nate the Great” by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat about a young boy who solves mysteries.

“My favorite thing about reading is you get to learn,” Rader said.