Cynthia Hewitt Chilsholm charged with murder in shooting of Stevenson Patterson Jr.

Jul. 04, 2013 @ 08:34 AM

The Caldwell County Sheriff's Office arrested Cynthia Hewitt Chisholm on Wednesday afternoon, accusing her of shooting her boyfriend in the leg Tuesday -- an injury that severed an artery and caused him to bleed to death.

Chisholm, 40, and Stevenson Patterson Jr., 38, recently had a falling out, said Patterson's mother, Paula Dula. Patterson went to the house they shared on Hawksbill Court shortly before 10 a.m. Tuesday to get his clothes and his car.

“He gave her some money, ... and she gave him the keys to his car. He didn’t get to get nothing, because when he went to get in it (his car), she shot him," Dula said.

Andrea Ferguson, who lives nearby, happened to be looking out her living room window at the time and saw Patterson moving behind Dula's Ford Explorer, which he had driven to the house.

“I heard a gunshot, then saw him limping and getting into the SUV,” Ferguson said.  “He then took off down the road.”

Dula said her son was trying to drive himself to the hospital. He soon wrecked into a ditch on Miller Hill Road. He was still alive when investigators arrived at the scene, but bleeding profusely from his severed femoral artery. He later died at Caldwell Memorial Hospital.

Patterson had been planning to attend the funeral of distant cousin and good friend Raoul “Oolie” Dula at 3 p.m. Tuesday. Dula was killed two weeks ago today. By the time of the funeral, Chisholm was already being questioned by sheriff’s office investigators.

On Wednesday Chisholm was charged with murder and possession of a firearm by a felon. Appearing somewhat dazed, she was taken to the magistrate’s office about 3 p.m., and later for a brief hearing in Caldwell District Court, where Judge Bob Brady asked if she understood the charges against her. She answered in a soft voice that she did.

The only conviction in Chisholm's record was in 2007 in Catawba County on two counts of felony possession with intent to sell a Schedule II controlled substance.

Earl Banner, Patterson’s uncle, said that although Patterson had bought some furniture and was going to move to his mother’s house in Dulatown, he and Chisholm had tried to patch things up.

“I couldn’t believe it happened that way,” Banner said. “It was shocking.”

Paula Dula said that whatever the couple's problems were, Chisholm's anger had been evident several days ago when Dula went with Patterson to Hawksbill Court.

“She told him to tell me not to come back out there, that he had to be a man and come by himself and get his stuff,” Dula said.

She said she is in shock.

“She didn’t have to shoot him, she didn’t have to shoot my baby,” she said.