Second arrest made in Dula killing

Jenny Lynn Childress charged with murder
Jul. 11, 2013 @ 08:22 AM

A woman who was among the last to see Raoul Anton "Oolie" Dula alive is now the second person charged with murder in his killing.

Jenny Lynn Childress, 33, of Roby Martin Road was charged Wednesday. The Caldwell County Sheriff's Office did not release any new information about the investigation into Dula's death.

Earl Franklin Moore, 34, was charged with murder June 21.

Dula's bloody and mutilated body was found on the morning of June 20 in the yard of Thomas Hines Ferguson at Flinstone Court in Baton.

Dale Dula, Oolie Dula's cousin and best friend, has said he last saw Oolie Dula getting into a white Toyota Camry with another cousin, Xavier "Tay" Dula, about 11:45 p.m. June 19. He said Moore was driving, with Childress in the front passenger seat. At some point, Tay was dropped off.

Though investigators have not released any details about what they think happened that night, Childress had told her mother, Rita Townsend, in a phone call from the Caldwell County Jail that she, Moore and Dula wound up at Flinstone Court after Moore forced her at knifepoint to drive there. She also described hearing Dula being killed.

“All she could hear is that boy (Oolie Dula) screaming, hollering, begging for his life, begging for him (Moore) to please stop,” Townsend said. Childress told her mother that Moore took off Dula’s pants and wrapped something up inside them, then forced her to drive to the Old Millpond in Granite Falls, where he got out and threw the pants over the bridge railing.

Even if Childress had no active role in Dula's death, under North Carolina law any death that occurs during certain felonies is first-degree murder, and all participants in the felony can be charged with murder, including those who had no weapon and did not intend to hurt anyone. However, at the moment neither Childress nor Moore is charged with another felony related to the night of Dula's killing.

The Camry that Moore, Childress and Dula were in belonged to Childress' stepfather, Marshall Townsend. Rita Townsend has said the car was back in her driveway by the time she awoke about 4:30 a.m. June 20, and Childress was already at home. Moore came to the house about a half hour later.

After Moore's arrest, the car was impounded and examined for evidence, including the back seats being removed and the interior being extensively sprayed with chemicals, before being returned to Townsend's house on Roby Martin Road.

Moore's family has maintained his innocence. His sister, Susan Owens, said that when Moore showed up at their father's house on Valway Road about 7 a.m. that morning, he was wearing the same clothes had for days, with no sign of blood on them.

Moore was arrested on the afternoon of June 20 on charges related to the theft of guns from his father, Earl Moore Sr. The next morning he was charged with murder.

Childress was arrested June 21 on charges related to the gun thefts.

Childress is scheduled for a hearing today in Caldwell District Court.