4-H 'horses around' in the rain

Jul. 29, 2014 @ 06:27 AM

Even in the pouring rain, a handful of 4-H club members were ready to learn about horse care and first aid at the Horsing Around Camp last week.

At Morning Glory Farms, rain pummeled down the arena and barn in Baton at the start of camp, but once the horses Magic, Kia and Shariff were tacked up and ready to ride, the clouds stopped their downpour.

Despite the weather, the club members were excited to ride around the soggy pastures and learn about horsemanship.

“(The camp) is awesome," Caley Hartley, 8, said, "because there are horses, and they are awesome, and we can ride them."

Lisa Deal, 4-H program assistant, hosted the camp at her farm and taught the kids about the special needs of horses. Magic is an albino, and Shariff was suffering from a small cold. Deal took a thick syringe, filled it with medication the color of milk and explained how the horse would feel no pain because there are few pain receptors near the skin like there are in humans. She jabbed the needle into the horse’s muscle, and Shariff barely blinked. Deal also explained how Magic needed to be treated differently because of his sensitive eyes.

Afterwards, everyone was allowed to ride. Volunteers led the horses on a lead rope as the children were still learning how to balance and hold themselves up while on a horse’s back. Steering and managing the horse on their own will come later. While waiting their turn, some of the children gently splashed in mud puddles.

“Awesome!” Caley cried after she got off Shariff. “(It’s great) just to ride it. I don’t really have a reason.”