Granite Falls rezoning dispute settled

Town council also approves budget
Jun. 17, 2014 @ 10:21 AM

Granite Falls residents living near Granite Hardwoods Inc. are satisfied with deed restrictions the company agreed to that forbid commercial vehicles from entering the company’s property from Eddington Road, the Granite Falls Town Council was told Monday.

Also Monday, the town council unanimously approved the 2014-15 budget, which includes no tax increase but small water and sewer rate increases. 

The council approved Granite Hardwoods’s request to rezone the property it owns on Eddington Road from residential to industrial after hearing from Larry Rhyder, a resident of Eddington Road, said that he and Woody Buchanan, president of Granite Hardwoods, worked out the details of the deed restrictions.

“If the town desires to move on the rezoning, I’m in agreement with it. I’m glad we could make it work like gentlemen,” Rhyder said.

The rezoning of 3008 Eddington Road came after long discussions between residents and Granite Hardwoods, which wanted to expand onto the property but also be good neighbors.

The $12.6 million budget that the council approved includes an increase in water rates of $1.38 for every 5,000 gallons used per month and $1.35 for sewer prices.