'Fun Run' at Granite Falls Elementary raises up to $15,000

Nov. 25, 2013 @ 12:52 PM

Kids at Granite Falls Elementary School ran through the playground in a more organized manner than usual on Friday, as country and pop music pulsed in the background, and adults shouted out jokes these 10-and-under kids may or may not have understood.

As kids ran to the beat of the “Rocky” theme song, one event organizer cried, “If it helps, you can shout, ‘Adrian!’”

It was all part of a fundraiser staged by Boosterthon Fun Run, an Atlanta company that sponsors event-centric fundraisers in elementary schools. The week brought pep rallies and other Boosterthon-hosted events to Granite Falls, culminating in the Friday fun run, which was organized by grade.

Students sought pledges for the laps they’d run (30 to 35 of them, on a small track that spanned about a sixteenth of a mile). If each pledge is honored, Granite Falls Elementary will have raised $15,000.

Administrators plan to use the funds to purchase school technology — specifically, 30 iPads for student use, principal Chris Greene said.

But back to the running.

Standing on the sidelines on Friday brought to mind the difference between kids and their older counterparts. Because, sure, there are adults who enjoy running — who run for the sake of joy. And there are many adults who run for the sake of exercise and maintenance.  

And there was some utility involved for the kids running at Granite Falls, of course. They were running to raise money for their school. But the looks on their faces gave them away, whether they were running full-speed or just ambling along the track: They were also just having fun.

Hands raised in the air.

Shoulders tilted against the gray November air.

Palms smacking against their principals’ in a high-five.

Just fun.