Caldwell County election roundup

Hudson makes history with first female mayor
Nov. 05, 2013 @ 11:44 PM

The Town of Hudson now has its first female mayor: Janet Winkler, a 14-year town commissioner who ran unopposed. Based on complete but unofficial returns, Winkler received 114 votes, with 10 votes cast for write-in candidates.

Former mayor Bill Beane did not run for re-election.

Two incumbents, Tony Colvard and Carl Wagner, and one non-incumbent, David Irvin, filled the three open seats on the town’s board of commissioners. Colvard, Wagner and Irvin were unopposed.


Mike Kent joined incumbents Danny Kincaid and Wilford Beane in winning the race for three seats on the Gamewell Town Council.

Kent received 210 votes, Kincaid received 209, and Beane received 196. Kevin Story received 68, and Norman Clontz received 57. Incumbent Dennis Mackie did not run for re-election.

Mayor Hunter “Pedro” Crump, who was unopposed, was re-elected with 237 votes.

Cajah’s Mountain

Cheryl Pritchard, who was appointed to a Cajah's Mountain Town Council seat left vacant by Jerry Woods, and Lloyd C. Robbins Jr., will fill two open seats on the town council.

Pritchard received 68 and Robbins received 46. Both were unopposed. Council member Lois Andes declined to seek re-election.

Mayor Ronnie Setzer was unopposed for re-election and received 73 votes,


Alcohol referendums in Rhodhiss were all defeated, based on complete but unofficial returns.

Sixty-five percent of voters were against allowing sales of malt beverages for on-premises consumption, 68 percent were against sales for off-premises consumption, and 66 percent were against allowing sales for both on- and off-premises consumption. Sixty-seven percent were against allowing sales of unfortified wine for on-premises consumption, 66 percent were against sales of unfortified wine for off-premises consumption. Sixty-six percent voted against allowing sale of mixed beverages.

Mayor Rick Justice, who has been mayor of Rhodhiss since 2005, was unopposed and re-elected with 77 votes.

Dean Isenhour, who has been a town commissioners since 2009, was unopposed and re-elected with 78 votes.  

Mike Phillips, who has also been a town commissioner since 2009, was unopposed and re-elected with 80 votes.

Cedar Rock

In a competition between four candidates for three seats on the village council, village clerk Pamela Mayberry, incumbent Bill Johnson and incumbent Sharon Schmidt won Tuesday, according to complete but unofficial returns.

Mayberry received 97 votes, Johnson 88 and Schmidt 72. Rose Reighard, who had served on the village council previously but did not serve in the most recent term, received 41 votes.

Mayor George Robinson was unopposed for re-election.