Loaded shotgun found at boat access

Apr. 22, 2014 @ 08:35 AM

A teenager found a loaded 20-gauge shotgun Sunday at a boat access in Granite Falls known as the "Tater Hole."

The gun, a Winchester, was on the ground under a bench and had one shell in it, said Amanda Pierce, whose son, Alec, 16, found it about 2 p.m. while at the boat access with Pierce and 11-year-old sister Adele. Several other families with children were there too.

The gun had not been reported stolen, based on a check of the serial number, Lt. T.J. Bates of the Granite Falls Police Department said.

"This was definitely a public safety concern," Bates said. "Fortunately, she called us so we could come get it. But you never know who could have come along and gotten hurt with it, or hurt someone else."

Anyone with information about the shotgun is asked to call the Granite Falls Police Department at 396-3358.