Victim's father doubts self-defense story

'I know that's a lie'
Jan. 15, 2014 @ 08:06 AM

The biggest problem in the relationship between Dylan Short and Sarah Austin was not Short but Austin's mother, Short's father said Tuesday.

Austin has maintained, including in an interview Monday, that Short was attacking her on Dec. 26 when her mother, Nancy Austin, shot him in the head, but Joseph Short doesn't believe it.

"I know that's a lie," Joseph Short said. "Dylan's not that type of person. If she was being threatened, why did they come out of the house?"

Sarah Austin called 911 about 4:30 p.m. Dec. 26 and said that her mother shot Dylan Short in the driveway outside the Austins' mobile home at 1122 Tara Place after Short arrived unexpectedly, was yelling threats and became violent.

Sarah Austin also had claimed in August 2012, when she requested a restraining order, that Short had been violent with her. A judge dismissed her request.

Joseph Short said there was good reason for the dismissal.

"She (Sarah Austin) told Dylan her mother made her take out the restraining order," Short said. "I was there in the courtroom when it was dismissed. Sarah had no answers for the judge, and would look at her mother when he asked her a question. The judge threw it right out."

Joseph Short said that Sarah Austin was the violent one, constantly hitting Dylan Short, but he wouldn't report it out of embarrassment.

While Joseph Short admits that his son and Sarah Austin had a tempestuous, on-again, off-again relationship, he said they seemed to have genuine affection. They moved into a mobile home together after graduating from South Caldwell High School in 2012, and they both planned to join the military.

"He and Sarah were in love," Joseph Short said. "They had their lives planned out."

But a meddling mom stood in the way, Joseph Short said. Nancy Austin was furious when she found out her daughter was pregnant.

"She called yelling at me, that Dylan and Sarah were having a baby," Short said. "I didn't like her. She was different."

Sarah Austin gave birth to a boy, Carson, in late 2012 while she and Dylan Short were in a rough spot in their relationship. During that time, he became involved with Lexx Leigh Goble, who became pregnant. Short and Goble moved in together, and they married on May 17, but they also hit a rough patch and Goble moved out a couple of months later. Almost two months ago, she gave birth to a boy, Kane. She recently legally changed her last name to Short.

Joseph Short said his son was trying to maintain relationships with both women.

"He was bouncing back and forth between both of them," Short said.

Sarah Austin said Monday that she wanted nothing to do with Dylan Short and had moved on with her life, but Joseph Short wonders why, then, on Dec. 23 the two were mugging for the camera at a photo booth while holding Carson, smiling and, in one photo, gently kissing.

A probable cause hearing for Nancy Austin is scheduled for Thursday. Short says he will attend.

"I'm waiting for answers," he said.