Gun-rights advocate visits Caldwell

Apr. 06, 2014 @ 02:10 PM

A prominent gun-rights advocate said in Lenoir on Saturday that with the way the federal government is handling business, “America will die” because it does not support the Constitution.

He does not want the federal government to be able to require registration of firearms because it would lead to confiscation. He brought up that Adolf Hitler was in favor of gun control, too.

“We’re watching ... [America] die right now. It’s going to take some serious CPR to get her back — Constitutional Principal Resuscitation,” Richard Mack said.

Mack, a former sheriff in Arizona, appeared at a campaign event at the Caldwell County Fairgrounds for Lance Wilson, a Republican running for sheriff against incumbent Alan Jones. He talked about the importance of gun control, protecting God-given rights and why Wilson would make a good sheriff.

Mack told the crowd that Wilson would be a sheriff that will stand up and fight for freedom and “God’s law.”

“I would love to come back to the celebration in May when we’re all celebrating liberty when we put Lance Wilson in and we make Caldwell County a free county,” Mack said.