Katie Dula's stare locks on Jenny Lynn Childress, charged with murder

'I could have choked that scrawny little thing'
Jul. 12, 2013 @ 08:39 AM

Katie Dula wants answers.

Surrounded by her family and supporters, the mother of Raoul Anton "Oolie" Dula entered Courtroom No. 1 at the Caldwell County Courthouse and took a seat on the front row. Just three weeks ago, she sat in the same courtroom and glared at Earl Franklin Moore Jr., the man investigators say killed and mutilated her son, leaving his body in the yard of a house in Baton the morning of June 20. This time she directed a cold, hard gaze at Jenny Lynn Childress, charged Wednesday with murder in the same crime.

Moore never looked at Dula three weeks ago. But with Childress it was different.

"We locked eyes," Dula said. "She finally looked away."

It was a short hearing to settle the issue of who will be Childress' court-appointed lawyer: Doug Hall of Morganton.

"I could have choked that scrawny little thing," Dula said afterward, wearing a white T-shirt with a picture of her son on the front with the words "Pain Is Power."

She and her family waited outside the back of the courthouse after the hearing in hopes Childress would be brought out to a vehicle waiting to take her back to jail. But officials apparently took Childress out a different way.

Childress, 33, was with Moore and Dula on the night of June 19. She later told her mother, Rita Townsend, that she, Moore and Dula wound up at Flinstone Court after Moore forced her at knifepoint to drive there.

Katie Dula, frustrated by how little she has been told, thinks that Moore -- who was formally indicted Tuesday on a charge of murder -- and Childress likely were not the only ones involved in her son's death. She hopes Childress will cooperate with investigators.

"I want to tell her to tell the truth and say who all was involved," Dula said. "I know there were others."

Moore's father, Earl Moore Sr., also thinks others may have been involved. He has no idea who they might be. He thinks Childress is in as deep as his son.

"I'm glad they picked her up," he said. "She had as much to do with it as anybody else."

Moore Jr. and Childress also both have been charged in relation to the theft of guns from Moore Sr.

Moore Sr. said he spoke with his son by phone briefly before he was transferred July 3 to Central Prison in Raleigh for his own safety. "He didn't talk about the case, but did say he hated he took my gun."