CIS fundraiser collects 'tools' for students

Aug. 06, 2014 @ 11:01 AM

The first and last days of school are always the most exciting. On the last day of school, students are looking forward to sleeping in and fun, summer activities. On the first day of school, students are eager to get back in touch with their friends and teachers they missed seeing every weekday over the summer break. There are stories to swap, friendships to rekindle and back-to-school goodies to admire.

However, many students head to their first day without the proper school supplies. Due to a number of circumstances including the inability to afford all the different items or parents who work and cannot find time to take their children shopping, students find themselves at a disadvantage from their classmates. Communities in Schools of Caldwell County means to fix that with the fundraiser School Tools.

“It (the fundraiser) is necessary because there’s a great need for school supplies. Often, students don’t have the supplies they need the first day of school. The first step is having the proper equipment to be able to participate,” said Corey Baker, communication coordinator of CIS.

School Tools was started in 1997 by WSOB-TV in Charlotte. Twenty-two counties are involved, including some in South Carolina. Through Aug. 15, people can buy school supplies and take them to drop-off sites in each county. In Caldwell County, the supplies will be brought to CIS to be distributed to students in all Caldwell County schools.

“It (the fundraiser) also helps connect local businesses with the students, too,” Baker said. “It connects the students with the community, which I think is a good thing.”

Sustainable Foothills loaned CIS 11 large blue rain barrels for the local drop-off sites.

Baker said some people began donating supplies even before the Aug. 1 start.

“People knew that we were having a campaign, and they just gave us stuff. We’ve got probably close to 10 boxes of stuff and 100 three-binders downstairs," he said. "Everybody can keep an eye out for the blue barrels.”

Drop off school supplies (pencils, loose leaf notebook paper, rulers, erasers, one-pocket folders, etc.) at Bemis Manufacturing, the Walgreens on U.S. 321 in Lenoir, the Caldwell County Senior Center, Anything Office, the City of Hudson Town Hall, Wells Fargo in Lenoir, SERVPRO in Lenoir, Chamber of Commerce of Caldwell County, City of Lenoir Town Hall, Carter Bank and Trust in Lenoir and the Helping Hands Clinic in downtown Lenoir.