Superintendent’s annual assessment better than last year

Aug. 13, 2014 @ 11:42 AM

Dr. Steve Stone, superintendent of Caldwell County Schools, received a slightly higher rating than last year in his annual assessment by the school board at Monday night’s meeting.

Darrell Pennell, chairman of the board, said that Stone’s rating was a few points higher than last year. Pennell suspected that the higher rating was because there were seven board members completing the evaluation instead of six as there were last year, not because of much change in Stone’s performance.

“He’s scored very high in the past year, and it just seemed that he was little bit higher this year,” Pennell said.

The evaluation form from the N.C. State Board of Education lists 48 categories for board members to mark as below standard, meets standard, above standard or outstanding.

“Caldwell County is highly respected in the state, and Dr. Stone is the driving force behind this,” Pennell said at the board meeting on Monday.