Granite Falls to clean up properties

Apr. 08, 2014 @ 01:40 PM

Granite Falls will hire contractors to clean up three rundown, abandoned properties.

Town Planner Greg Wilson told the town council that the properties ­— 3 McCall Place, 160 N. Main St. and 11 Sunset St. — are public safety violations and fire hazards. Each property has been abandoned for at least three years, and Wilson has received no responses from owners on any of the locations. 

The house on McCall Place violates the town code because it has an abandoned car that has been stripped and has flat tires, and the property has an accumulation of trash on the property and inside the house and a storage building. The owner of the home is deceased and left no will.

The North Main Street property also has an accumulation of garbage that would be attractive to snakes, rats and other animals. Around back, there is a destroyed storage building that is visible from the street. Barbie dolls, abandoned boxes, construction materials and a torn up doghouse are littered around the back of the property.

The Sunset Street property has trash and pieces of furniture in the carport, a storage building’s door has been ripped off, and objects from inside the storage building have been dragged out into the yard. This property has a notice stating that Chase Bank owns it, but Wilson never received a response to his notifications about the need to clean the residence.

Contractors that are licensed and insured will be hired to clean these properties.

“We would have them clean up everything outside, not going inside the house, not making any effort to secure the property. Just cleaning up the junk outside that could be a harboring place for snakes and rats,” Wilson said.