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Sep. 24, 2014 @ 03:15 PM

Man accused of breaking into house

A Granite Falls man was arrested Monday and charged with breaking into a house in Sawmills two weeks ago.

Sep. 24, 2014 @ 08:14 AM

Presbyterian ministry to close Lenoir office

The Presbyterian Lay Committee, a Christian theological ministry headquartered in Lenoir, will close its office next month.

Sep. 23, 2014 @ 04:57 PM

County adds jobs to fight ‘perfect storm’

The Caldwell County Department of Social Services has to hire four full-time workers because of a “perfect storm” that has greatly increased workloads, a DSS official told the Caldwell County Board of Commissioners Monday night.

Sep. 23, 2014 @ 08:16 AM

Longtime News-Topic editor Steve Sumlin dies

Todd Sumlin realized what a gifted writer his father was after spending the past weekend sifting through some old newspaper clippings.

"He truly had ink in his blood," Todd Sumlin said. "He lived to tell stories."

Howard Steven "Steve" Sumlin, a longtime editor of the Lenoir News-Topic, died at his Lenoir home Friday after a lengthy battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 71.

Sep. 23, 2014 @ 08:08 AM

Deputy at fault in wreck, will not be charged

A Caldwell County Sheriff's Office deputy was found to be at fault in a wreck Friday that resulted in his patrol car flipping, but he will not be charged, Hudson police said.

Sep. 23, 2014 @ 08:04 AM

New rides, energy for 2014 county fair

With what are billed as bigger and better rides, a renovated exhibition hall and a brand new marquee sign, organizers for this year’s Caldwell County Agricultural Fair say they expect to see great things this week at the fairgrounds.

Sep. 23, 2014 @ 06:57 AM

UK trip changes students' views on life

Over the summer, 18 Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute students traveled to the United Kingdom for an eye-opening experience in different cultures. Even though the language was the same, the lifestyles could not be more different.

Katherine West, a student studying Web design, said the 10-day trip was the first time she had ever ridden on a plane.

Sep. 22, 2014 @ 11:16 AM

Mom looks to Web to help epileptic son

Seven-year-old Sammy Rutledge excels at school, and when he gets home he runs and plays like any other child in his Collettsville neighborhood.

But Sammy has heteroptopia, a form of epilepsy, so sometimes he has seizures, which leave him too tired and drained to do much more than lie down.

Sep. 21, 2014 @ 11:25 AM

Twisted Vine Winery offers space, spirits to unwind

Nestled among the houses and hills in Cajah’s Mountain sits a picturesque red barn, but it’s not housing horses, farm equipment or produce, but a jukebox, tables and chairs, and racks of wine bottles.

Sep. 21, 2014 @ 06:41 AM

Hunger growing though economy improving

The state and local economy may be bouncing back, but that recovery is not reflected in the number of people who need food assistance, according to not just local agencies but others throughout the region and a recent national study.

Some local officials have been confused how that can be even as so many measures seem to indicate the local economy is improving.

Sep. 21, 2014 @ 06:39 AM

Social media a miracle for neglected puppy

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, but this one came in the form of a puppy with a gimpy leg.

The lab/husky puppy had been found wandering, the person who found it posted a "found puppy" status on Facebook, and the puppy's owner saw it and claimed the puppy.

Sep. 20, 2014 @ 04:38 PM

Festival greeted by sunny skies, crowded streets

The belly dancers and most everyone else stayed home during last year’s Granite Falls Merchants Association Festival, perhaps for fear of drowning in the streets.

But this year’s festival opened under warm, sunny skies, and hundreds of people soon filled downtown Granite Falls to shop, eat, drink, listen to the South Caldwell High School band or, among other things, watch The Lost Jewels of the Ghawazee, a group of belly dancers who appear at a number of festivals in the area.

Sep. 20, 2014 @ 10:31 AM

Caldwell County sheriff's deputy rolls car on U.S. 321

A Caldwell County sheriff’s deputy hit a pickup truck in suddenly congested traffic on U.S. 321 in Hudson, which flipped his patrol car in front of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute Friday afternoon.

Sep. 19, 2014 @ 08:15 AM

Celebrating 25 years of learning

Fat apple balloons drifted lazily in the air over tables decorated with white tablecloths and woven baskets full of green and red apples. Apples often are a symbol of teachers and schools, so they were everywhere Thursday night at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center for the Education Foundation of Caldwell County Inc.’s 25th birthday bash.

Sep. 19, 2014 @ 07:54 AM

Lenoir's 'other' data center celebrates expansion

In an old textile plant on the northern end of Main Street in Lenoir, the rooms are now filled with rows of computer servers with blinking lights, protected by a palm-reading security system and cooled by a huge air-conditioning system.

It’s the city's lesser-known data center, now owned by Centrilogic, which celebrated a landmark expansion Thursday with a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Sep. 19, 2014 @ 06:58 AM

Hospital Gala raising money for birthing center

On Saturday evening, the Caldwell Memorial Foundation will host an event that spans the state — at least in decoration.

The 16th Annual Gala, being held this year at Exela Pharma Sciences' headquarters on Blowing Rock Boulevard at 6 p.m., has the theme “A Carolina Evening” to embrace every part of North Carolina.

Sep. 19, 2014 @ 06:03 AM

Theater will be comin' 'round the mountain

Two American Suffolk horses named Maple and Maggie will slowly plod into Lenoir on Saturday, pulling behind them a large, old-fashioned wagon that serves as home for an old-fashioned theater troupe.

Sep. 18, 2014 @ 09:40 PM

Prescription drug help available for seniors

Medicare recipients who have limited income and have difficulty paying for prescription drugs may be eligible for the Low-Income Subsidy program, also known as Extra Help, which assists qualified Medicare beneficiaries with out-of-pocket expenses associated with Medicare Part D prescription drug expenses.

Sep. 18, 2014 @ 03:59 PM

Obituaries for Sept. 19, 2014

Jery Barker, Greenville

Helen Harman, Lenoir

Willie Huffman, Connelly Springs

Deborah Effler, Marion

Betty Sue Justice, Hudson

Brenda Bentley, Lenoir

Karettcess Moss, Lenoir

Robert McLaughlin, Taylorsville

Sep. 18, 2014 @ 08:17 AM

Caldwell's only temp agency expanding

Kelly Pritchard was one of the first people in Caldwell County working at a business that helps companies find temporary workers. Now she runs the only such company left in the county, and it's expanding.

Sep. 18, 2014 @ 07:28 AM

Lenoir tries to encourage more recycling

The small, blue bins that Lenoir once used to pick up recycling door-to-door can now be found around the city, stuffed in basements full of old sports equipment or under the kitchen sink holding cleaning supplies.

But waning use of the center has city officials gearing up for a new campaign to get residents back in the habit of recycling, said Kaye Reynolds, Lenoir's communications and resource director.

Sep. 18, 2014 @ 06:29 AM

Rhodhiss seeks first Miss, Lil Miss

Debbie Phillips was talking to a friend about a local beauty pageant when a light bulb went off in her head. What if Rhodhiss had a pageant but focused it on celebrating the town?

The Miss Rhodhiss and Lil Miss Rhodhiss Contest grew out of that idea.

Sep. 18, 2014 @ 06:27 AM

Caldwell's graduation success stands out

The Caldwell County Schools' high school graduation rate climbed into the top 10 in the state this year, and it's noticeable that Caldwell doesn't have a lot in common with the other top school districts.

Caldwell's 2013-14 graduation rate of 90.9 percent, the highest the school system has ever achieved, ranked as the seventh best in North Carolina.

Sep. 17, 2014 @ 08:34 AM

Sawmills will go without mayor for now

Sawmills will do without a mayor for the next 15 months, town council members decided Tuesday night.

Sep. 17, 2014 @ 08:32 AM

Terese Almquist named Woman of the Year

Terese Almquist, publisher of the Lenoir News-Topic, accepted the title of Distinguished Woman of the Year on Tuesday night at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center, saying she was humbled and honored to receive the award, presented by the Caldwell County Council for Women.