Hudson woman arrested in Hickory

Stolen iPad, car seized
Jul. 04, 2014 @ 08:11 AM

A Hudson woman has been accused of driving a stolen SUV filled with stolen electronics.

Last Saturday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police contacted the Hickory Police Department about a stolen Apple iPad that was sending out a signal that was traced to Hickory, Hickory police spokeswoman Chrystal Dieter said. Though police initially thought the signal was coming from a business, police began receiving signals from the iPad from an apartment complex on 26th Avenue NE.

As they approached the apartment where they believed the signal was coming from, officers saw a woman exit a Ford SUV near it, and asked her if she knew who lived in the neighboring apartment, and she said no, Dieter said. The officers entered the apartment where the signal was coming from and spoke with three people inside. While the officers were inside, the woman came in, and the officers asked her if the SUV was hers. She at first said no, then said it was, Dieter said.

The officers learned that the SUV had been reported as stolen in Boone. When the officers asked the woman if they could search the SUV, she said yes, Dieter said. Officers found the stolen iPad and Apple accessories, as well as other stolen items, inside the SUV.

The woman, Jazmin Freeman, 25, of McCarthy Lane in Hudson, and Bradley O'Neil Caldwell Jr., 20, who lives in the apartment, were each charged with possession of stolen goods and possession of a stolen vehicle, both felonies. Freeman's bond was set at $40,000 secured. Caldwell's bond was set at $46,500 secured.