Stabbed dog now ‘all stitched up’

May. 08, 2013 @ 08:31 AM

Mil Mil, the Chihuahua mix that police say was stabbed by its owner’s son, has been returned to its caretaker after an overnight stay at Lenoir Veterinary Hospital.

Police say Jesse Clyde Bare, 30, stabbed Mil Mil three times Saturday at his mother's house on Jason Place and tossed it into the front yard, leaving it for dead. Bare was charged with felony cruelty to animals and jailed on a $5,000 secured bond. He has since posted bond and been released from jail, though he has been ordered to stay away from his mother's house.

The neighbors who have taken care of Mil Mil since the stabbing, Brenda Andrews and her fiance, Kevin Mawyer, picked up Mil Mil on Tuesday from Lenoir Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Jennifer Evans operated to reconnected a severed pectoral muscle and stitch the dog's wounds, said Dr. Dan Jones.

"He (Mil Mil) lost a significant amount of blood,” Jones said. “We basically sutured the wounds. There’s some air still under the skin, you can hear it crackling every now and then. But he’s all stitched up.”

Money to cover the cost of the surgery began to pour in on Monday. Pet Partners Network donated $80. Teresa Cashion, owner of All God’s Creatures Great and Small Grooming, Boarding and Doggie Daycare, donated $90. A total of $320 had been donated by noon.

“I’m honestly shocked and amazed at how caring people are,” Andrews said. “I want to thank Teresa, the ladies at Caldwell Animal Rescue, the people here (at Lenoir Veterinary Hospital), and all of those on Facebook who have been praying for Milmil.”

Though several neighborhood residents described Bare as violent, a check of his record in Caldwell County shows mostly traffic violations, plus disorderly conduct and a trespassing charge.

Whatever Bare's past, Mawyer expressed a common sentiment about the felony charge: that prosecutors “need to make it stick.”

Cashion agreed.

“We need to show the justice system that we’re not going to tolerate this,” she said. “If he can do this to a dog, he can do it to a child.”