Students let it fly

May. 05, 2014 @ 11:43 AM

Purple, gold, white, green and blue discs flew through the air at Veterans Park in Sawmills on Friday, soaring up, down and sideways, flung by about three dozen ninth-graders.

Some students were naturals. Their tosses at the goals of the park’s disc golf course flew straight and true, even if they just missed. Other students had a bit more difficulty, sending discs left or right or just a few feet in front of their shoes.

Communities in Schools of Caldwell County provided the fun day outdoors. Executive director Debbie Eller said the event was funded thanks to a Communities in Schools of North Carolina grant, which pays for student activities for the year. Glen Lowman, a community member and employee of Clark Tire, provided the equipment and was joined by Wes Baker, president of the Unifour Flying Objects Disc Golf Club in Hickory, also known as the UFO Club. The students spent three hours on the course and played 10 holes. Four students, the first and second place boys and girls, were given their own set of discs as a reward for their hard work.

“All kids can do this,” Eller said. “You don’t have to have any physical ability or special talent. Certain kids are always chosen for the basketball team, or kids are always chosen for the football team. Kids who may not be a part of football or one of the other sports can shine while playing disc golf.”

Eller said that the students chosen for the day come from “all different backgrounds” but have “at-risk factors that might keep them from graduating.”

The students agreed that events like Friday’s are an important part of their education.

Andrea Cross said, “I think so because it broadens your horizons a little bit because it introduces you to new things. I’m pretty nervous. It’s really difficult because there are so many ways you can throw and you have to throw it at a certain distance.”

Dalton McCloud from South Caldwell High School said, “It gets us out of school. It gives us a little break.”