A little holiday hide and seek

Dec. 11, 2012 @ 08:34 AM

Folks traveling through the Hudson and Sawmills areas can be on high alert. There will be opportunities to seek some early Christmas gifts in the coming days.
Local jeweler Bill Warren will be hiding them again this year.
Warren and The Gold Mine Fine Jewelry and Gifts of Hudson will host their fifth annual Christmas treasure hunt, touted as “Finder’s Keepers,” offering a little bit of mystery and cheer all at the same time as Christmas draws closer
“So many people look forward to this,” Warren said. “We’ve done it for a number of year now, and we enjoy doing it. It gives people something to look forward to with Christmas approaching.”
The concept is simple. Warren hides things, and community members search for them.
Actually, Warren hides wrapped boxes from The Gold Mine. The packages will be wrapped in Christmas paper with the familiar slogan “Finder’s Keepers, compliments of The Gold Mine.” Inside will be a sheet of paper telling the person finding the packages what he/she will receive. People then take their sheet to The Gold Mine to claim their prize.
Warren said 50 gifts will be available this year, and they will include items such as diamond earrings, money clips, bracelets, necklaces, watches and various pendants.
Once a person finds a box and redeems it for the gift, that is all he/she can find. Warren said that is to allow other people an opportunity to find the gifts as well.
“We want other people to have a chance to find them,” he said.
The gift boxes may be found at various locations in the Hudson and Sawmills areas. They may be in parks, businesses, trees, bushes or other random places. All those searching for them have to do is find the box, open it to discover the gift they have won and take it to The Gold Mine to collect.
The only catch is this: Don’t start looking for them before 8 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 15. Warren said they will be in place by that date and time, but there’s no need to look before then. He’s not letting anyone know when he will be placing the gift boxes at their locations.
Warren said some of the gifts have not been found for eight or nine months, if they are found at all. A few years ago, a person attending one of the Pickin’ in the Park concerts at Windmill Park found one of the boxes hidden nine months earlier. If they are not found, Bill and wife Angie, their son Dillon, and other staff members collect the gift boxes for future use.
“This has sort of become a tradition now after all these years,” Warren said. “It’s kind of a community event that people seem to enjoy. It’s quite amazing how well it has been received. It gives us great pleasure to see so many folks come out and look for these gifts and then turn up a winner.”