William Lenoir band, chorus win first

Apr. 09, 2014 @ 10:15 AM

The band and chorus students of William Lenoir Middle School came home from the Fiesta-val in Atlanta successful once again.

On March 28 and 29, the chorus, eighth-grade band and jazz band performed at Fiesta-val, a music festival for band, orchestra and chorus, at the Clayton County Performing Arts Center, both bringing home first place in their respective divisions. The chorus also won champions overall in the choral competition.

The recent win came just after the eighth grade band received a superior rating in the statewide Music Performance Adjudication for its 30th consecutive year, making William Lenoir Middle the state record-holder for the most superior active streak.

“That’s like our state final exam for band,” band director Terry Reid said.

Reid and his wife, Carla, who teaches chorus, are both proud of their students and how much William Lenoir Middle supports the arts.

Carla Reid said, “I would guesstimate that we have about 85 percent of our school population in band and chorus here, at least.”

Terry Reid added, “The state average is 10 percent of the school’s population is in music, band and chorus, which at this school it would roughly estimate to around 48, 49 people. Carla and I see every day in band and chorus right at 400 kids, every day.”

The two-day trip to Fiesta-val was crammed with activities. Before the students and parents, numbering 108, even left the school parking lot, the trip kicked off with a bang: In the rainy, dreary morning, the bus driver backed over a sign at the school.

“It went flying. We saw it fly like a javelin,” Terry Reid laughed.

Once in Atlanta, the bands performed first, then the chorus and the eighth-grade students in treble chorus. The choruses performed songs in three languages while the band performed their concert march “Pride of the Regiment” and a song written specifically for the school called “Search for the Lost Colony” by Ed Keefer.

After it was over, the bus crawled into the school parking lot at midnight with a load of exhausted but happy kids. The return trip took longer than expected after being stuck in traffic due to a transfer truck on fire.

“It’s never a calm trip with us,” Terry Reid said.