Column: Here's to jobs well done

Jun. 04, 2013 @ 07:22 PM

Last year I tried to get a weekly kudos column off the ground. Initially I wrote them with the hopes that readers would contribute. I did receive a few from readers, but eventually they disappeared. So instead of being committed to a weekly kudos column I believe that I will periodically write an entire column of kudos.

KUDOS to the Harper School of Music students and Karen Burton for volunteering their time to perform at the Communities in Schools Taste of Caldwell event. They are so talented!

KUDOS to the CIS Board of Directors, Debbie Eller, Cheryl McCoy, Donna Bradshaw, all of the Wig Bank of Caldwell County board members, Julie Gootman, local businesses and individuals and the 17 restaurants that donated their time, money and talents to make the Taste of Caldwell such a great event. A big KUDOS to the nearly 300 attendees. It was tremendous benefit for the students of Caldwell County.

KUDOS to all of the teachers, staff, administrators, parents and students for another successful school year in Caldwell County. Enjoy your summer!

KUDOS to our Post Office and the many people who donated the food in the annual May food drive, and to the many volunteers who transported and stocked the shelves of our county food pantries. A record year and a tremendous help for those who need the food.

KUDOS to Anne and Alex Bernhardt for chairing the CCC&TI Foundation annual drive. It was another successful event that will help many people earn a college degree and move forward toward their own personal dream.

KUDOS to the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce for coordinating a new program called Business 4 Breakfast. Thus far it has been an excellent way to bring community leaders together to learn more about issues and changes that will affect our county.

KUDOS to the Grill and Brew Club for helping several of our non-profit organizations by sharing their passion for good food and grilling.