Column: Reflecting on a week full of local news

May. 25, 2014 @ 04:23 AM

This past week has been a most interesting week involving education in our county.

It was a special party that celebrated the success of the Foundation of the Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute as it surpassed its fundraising goal of $350,000 and raised more than $364,000. It was only fitting that the board was able to raise such a significant amount of money as the college also celebrated the 50th anniversary of its charter this year. This amazing effort will enable many more students to attend college and reach their own goals.

Kudos to the board members who worked so hard and to the many individuals and businesses who donated and made these gifts to the college.


Some of those students receiving scholarships in the future may be part of the class of Communities in Schools senior high school students who have graduated or will be graduating soon. Last week CIS held a breakfast honoring the students for their achievement not only in graduating but in many cases graduating with honors. Many of these teenagers have a very compelling story. The adults attending shed a few tears upon hearing about the many challenges the students faced.

More than 50 students have been part of the CIS program and will be graduating soon.

Kudos to those amazing students!


It was exciting last week to read about graduation and the magic of the Caldwell Early College High School program. Most exciting was the fact that 74 percent of the students were first-generation college graduates. Talk about a real game changer!


Sadly we also had a couple of very negative stories. Have we not learned anything from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers? Why does any adult still think it’s acceptable to purchase alcohol for minors, as a teacher and coach at Hibriten High School is accused of doing last fall?

Then we have the students who decided to share semi-nude photos of another student. In this age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and other forms of social media, those photos will remain long after the individuals have actually grown up, matured and realized how stupid and hurtful their actions have been.

Fortunately the good in our school systems far outweighs the bad.