Column: Cherish family and friends

Aug. 10, 2013 @ 01:10 AM

What are the happy moments in your life? Hopefully you’ve had many in the past, with many more to come.

Two of my happiest moments involve my daughter. One when she was born nearly 29 years ago. The second is today, when she will marry the love of her life, Brendan Williams.

Planning a wedding is quite the event, and in our case involved months of planning and festivities, culminating with this weekend as family and friends from 22 states have gathered in Lenoir to celebrate this happy event. My goal was to be so well-organized that I could spend lots of time with family and dear friends. Her goal was also to share the day with family and friends, but it also included walking down the aisle in a drop-dead dress and saying, “I do.”

But throughout this time it has all been an opportunity to reflect on life and the impact of those who are no longer here to share this happy event.

My father, who would certainly have enjoyed today and watching his eldest granddaughter walk down the aisle, frequently shared his life philosophies with his children. One of those chats was in regards to marriage. He said that there just comes a time in a young person’s life when they just had a desire to get married and you had to hope that the right person came along. He always said that he won the lottery when he met my mother. I could see some truth in his statement, but I had no interest in leaving it to chance, so I would regularly pray that Lindsay would meet that right person. It’s my belief that Lindsay and Brendan both won the lottery today, and I look forward to the years ahead.

And so to my dear Lindsay and to that fine young man whom I have learned to love over the past few years, Brendan, I say congratulations. Enjoy the day and your lives ahead. Enjoy your blessings of family and friends, who sacrificed to travel so far to share this event. Enjoy what is to come and don’t forget on occasion to reflect on those who are here no longer but have left you with many happy memories. While it is important to have a career that one enjoys, it’s far more important to cherish your family and friends. Today is your day.