Column: You spoke, and we listened

Dec. 29, 2013 @ 05:21 AM

Working for a community newspaper has been my lifelong passion. Working in Caldwell County has been one of the greatest joys of my life. There’s never a dull moment. Recently we have had several problems with production, which delays papers, causes concern for our readers and employees, and generates many telephone calls.

To our readers I offer our sincere apology and thank you for your patience, and to our employees thank you for all of the extra work.

Listening to our readers is important, and over the years I have met and spoken with some very nice people. We take all suggestions to heart, and I enjoy hearing from each of you.

Early in November we made a significant change to the News-Topic. Editor Guy Lucas, Circulation Manager Mike Lambert and I have spoken with many of our readers since. While we cannot bring back the Saturday edition, we have tried to be flexible and attentive to your suggestions. For instance several readers suggested the church pages should appear on Friday, not Sunday, because some services and activities occur on Saturday. We moved the pages to Friday several weeks ago.

Other readers called and said they missed the Saturday Cryptoquote. Next week we will start running two on Sundays. One will remain on the Community Calendar page, while the second will appear on a classified advertising page (as it does during the week).

Many of our readers have also complained about the Sunday sports coverage, particularly the ACC and other college sports. Since we’ve been going to press earlier, the Saturday mid-afternoon and early evening games do not appear in our pages until Tuesday. This single change has earned us the most telephone calls and criticism. Starting next week, (the Jan. 5 edition) we will go to press later in the evening, which will enable us to have those games in the Sunday newspaper again. It will also allow us to have any Saturday prep sports in the Sunday newspaper.

Finally, effective Jan. 1 we will be making some changes to our comic page line-up. Some will remain, and we will be introducing some new strips that we believe readers will enjoy.

Thanks for calling or writing. We love to hear from you!