Column: Make time for others during the holidays

Dec. 08, 2013 @ 06:39 AM

Christmas surrounds us in Caldwell County. Our editor, Guy Lucas, has been running mini-schedules of holiday activities.

For instance this is parade weekend (and here’s hoping that much-talked-about rainy weather stays away). Friday night was the City of Lenoir’s parade, with several more parades scheduled for Saturday.

Several of the communities have already held tree lighting ceremonies, and sightings of that jolly fellow in the red suit abound. Lenoir has a beautiful light show on the square that runs every evening through Dec. 31. It’s a beautiful display that all ages will enjoy.

Churches and schools have myriad holiday activities planned.

Service clubs are doing their part, with Kiwanis and Rotary hosting parties for some of the county children. Communities in Schools and the Chamber of Commerce have partnered to help area children (if you are interested, they still have children who need adopting this holiday season).

I know many individuals who are doing something extra for Caldwell County families.

There’s no doubt that it’s that special time of the year that everyone is very busy with family, work and friends. It’s easy to become lost in overspending and presents, as opposed to remembering the true meaning of the season.

Treat yourself right. Take some time to enjoy family and friends. Help someone in need and most importantly visit the church of your choice. It can be a magical time of the year.