Column: Spring is springing up

Mar. 23, 2014 @ 05:11 PM

Spring arrived Thursday with warm weather and sunny skies. It almost seemed as if the flowering trees started budding overnight, and the daffodils are breathtakingly vibrant this year. It is as if they liked the extra cold winter weather.

Plans are already underway at the Unity Park and other community gardens. If you ordered plants from the Caldwell County Extension office they’ll be ready for pick up later this week. Catalogs for plants and shrubs are languishing in my mailbox, waiting to tempt me with an array of products. I am anxious to go to Town and Country Greenhouse and see what will be new in annuals. And while I tried to save my hanging ferns, I know they’ll need to be replaced. People are anxious to start cleaning up yards, mulching, planting and enjoying deck time.

Daylight Saving Time has finally arrived, and the evenings are delightfully brighter.

The birds are also starting to return, as I’ve noticed a great deal of activity around my bird feeders this past week.

More and more people are walking at the Broyhill Walking Park and the Lenoir Greenway.

The crack of the bat can be heard as softball and baseball are well underway.

We’re enjoying those few days that have been sunny and in the 60s. We’ve even seen a few people driving with their convertible tops lowered.

Yes, spring has finally, and with it comes a forecast of possible snow this week. Who said life was fair?