Column: The Satie Broyhill Award winner is ...

Apr. 27, 2013 @ 01:17 AM

Publisher’s Note: This was the speech given Thursday at the Caldwell Council for Women annual Satie Broyhill Lifetime Achievement Award presentation. It was my pleasure to write this introduction about my good friend Teresa Johnson for an award that is well-deserved.

Her heart epitomizes the values and ideals of Satie Broyhill.

Her compassion for others is reflected in the many organizations for which she volunteers.

Her many friends feel blessed to know her and call her "friend."

Her enthusiasm for life is reflected in everything she does, from volunteering, visiting with friends and family, celebrating Appalachian State University football wins or working out at Qwest.

Her personality, smile and willingness to help others belies an inner strength and determination that makes sure each project that she undertakes is completed correctly and with high results.

Today her determination has made her one of the most valuable assets of the Wig Bank of Caldwell County as she shepherds a project to ensure the future of this much-needed organization. She is also co-chairperson of this year’s Caldwell Memorial Hospital Foundation’s annual gala and serves on the board of ASU’s An Appalachian Summer Festival. She has also worked with her husband on the Foundation of Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute's annual fund drive.

Although she and her brother, Charles, could be called "Navy brats,” as they traveled the country with her Navy father, Charles Babb, and her mother, Betty, she is a Caldwell County woman. She graduated from South Caldwell High School and attended Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute and Lenoir-Ryhne University. She spent 20 years working for Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation.

She is the daughter of Betty and Clark Miller. She is the sister of Charles Babb. She is the mother of Ashley, Scott and Jonathan. She is married to Doug. She is Teresa Johnson, and this year’s recipient of the Satie Broyhill Lifetime Achievement Award.