Of rescues and Bigfoot, tragedy and fun

Feb. 16, 2013 @ 12:01 PM

It’s been a week of several interesting and humorous animal stories. Last Friday the office was all abuzz with news that there had been a Bigfoot sighting in Caldwell County. There were phone calls, Facebook posts, emails and finally the realization that no one involved thought the sighting was an actual creature. Really was anyone surprised?

Tuesday’s story was even more entertaining. I love Brian DeCann’s sense of humor. The fact that he would carve a Bigfoot in his workshop and then post it in the brush was just plain funny. The picture of his carving was like so many of those other pictures that have circulated around the world. You just have to love someone who has a good sense of humor.

Last week we had the heartwarming story about all of the rescuers who helped Cecil Byrd free his horse, Comet, from an icy creek. It’s nice to see how neighbors come together and help each other. It reminded me of a story from my youth spent on the farm. My sister had a paint-colored horse that was always at the fence to greet her when she came home from high school. One fall day Toby was nowhere to be found. Finally my sister heard a whinny from the barn and discovered that he was lying 4 feet under the floor of the barn. Turns out there was a still built many years ago under the barn, and the floor had collapsed and Toby had fallen through to where the still had been. The neighbors also gathered and we were finally able to pull the dazed but uninjured Toby to the surface.

Finally we had stories about several house fires, where some family pets were rescued while others were lost.

Community journalism is many things. Many times it is tragic and other times it is entertaining. And other times it is inspiring. It all tells the story of our community.